B&B Park7 opened in 2012 and is located in a converted 17th century barn, which was the annex of a long-gone paper mill in the grounds of the Huldenberg Castle park.

The building has naturally been extensively renovated (by the Wave architecture bureau in Brussels).

The inhabitants of the park

Located in a vast park with English architecture, which has been the property of the Limburg Stirum family for 6 generations, Park7 immerses you in a universe of calm and pure beauty.

The particularity of the house, which is more like a boutique hotel than a guest house, is also linked to the hospitality and welcome given to you by the owners.


Katia della Faille, a journalist by training, was discovered by the famous modelling agency Ford Models Agency in NY. Her international modelling career began at 20 years old. It was in that same period that she followed her husband Count Thierry de Limburg Stirum to Huldenberg.

Katia quickly fell in love with this beautiful region and its village. She took her first steps in municipal politics, became an alderman at the local municipality, and later a federal deputy. She later became an alderman again, then a municipal councillor. She has been a member of the municipal council of Huldenberg for over 28 years.

Katia has also completed two years of mindfulness training and is an accomplished sportswoman. She has set herself the objective of reaching 10,000 km with her racing bike every year.


The Limburg Stirum family is of one of the oldest families of the European aristocracy. Thierry’s paternal grandmother, who lived in the castle, was born Princess of Croÿ. His mother, Princess of France still lives on the property. Thierry had long worked as director of a real estate company, but he has since converted himself to being a full-time organic farmer. He now cultivates the land surrounding the park as a true gentleman farmer. In 2021 he designed and produced the Room8 ( Erik dit zou een link moeten zijn aub.

The spirit of Park7

By opening Park7, Katia and Thierry wanted to share their joie de vivre, their love for their region, the strength of the present moment, and their peaceful way of life. In all simplicity and above all with hospitality.