Relax in our Spa with a magical vue of nature

Swedish sauna and hammam  Park7 guests can take advantage of our Spa (Wellness by Van Marcke – which, with its glass walls, offers a splendid view of the park.

Reservation The Spa is only accessible by reservation and is only available for one room per day. The first to reserve will therefore have access to the sauna and hammam for a few hours that day. The Spa is not accessible to other guests.
Reservation by email is essential: contact us to find out if the Spa is free.

Cleaning The space is completely disinfected and cleaned by us daily.

Useage You will have to switch the sauna and steam room on and off yourself. We will show you how to do this. It takes 12 minutes to heat the hammam and 55 minutes for the sauna to heat up.

The price is €100.

In case of reservation, unless cancelled at least 15 days in advance, the full amount is due.

Finnish sauna

A Finnish sauna combines high temperatures (between 70°C and 100°C) with low humidity. In short, the best of both worlds: absolute relaxation in a perfectly healthy environment. In the sauna, the toxic substances in your body evaporate (with perspiration). The result: a better condition and greater resistance to colds and other minor ailments.


A hammam (or Turkish bath) is comparable to a sauna, but has a lower temperature (about 45°C) and a higher humidity (thanks to the steam). Time stands still, relaxation and escape in its purest form! The hammam has many virtues: it moisturises the skin, stimulates blood circulation and purifies the body.