Visitors to the B&B ’Park 7’ also have the opportunity to relax in our fabulous wellness area ( The wellness area has a unique location, right at the centre of Huldenberg Castle park. It includes a Finnish sauna and a Hammam. The glass wall of the sauna looks on to a stunning view of the river Ijsse, waterfall and ponds.

For one hour of use we kindly will ask our guests 30 euro/hour.

Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna combines high temperatures (between 70°C and 100°C) with low humidity. This is perfect for both health and relaxation. A sauna causes toxic substances in your body to evaporate along with your perspiration. Result: improved condition and better resistance to colds and other complaints.


A Hammam (or Turkish bath) can be compared to a sauna, only with a lower temperature (about 45 C) and higher humidity (because of the steam). Your thoughts drift, time stands still – pure enjoyment!
The beneficial effects of a Hammam are many: your skin is hydrated, your circulation is stimulated and waste substances are cleansed from your body.