Due to the anti-Covid measures, our wellness area ( ) can only be privatized by one single room from 3 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. a day . One of our 7 rooms can have access to the SPA.

You have unlimited access during these hours. The spa is not accessible outside these hours and is not accessible to other guests. Every day our spa is completely disinfected and cleaned by us.

* Sauna en hammam : You have to turn it on and off by yourself, we will show you how to do at your arrival.

The price is 100 € per day.

Reservation by email is essential. First in, first served.

If you change your mind all of a sudden, you will still owe us the amount. There are too many other guests who would have liked to use this facility.

Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna combines high temperatures (between 70°C and 100°C) with low humidity. This is perfect for both health and relaxation. A sauna causes toxic substances in your body to evaporate along with your perspiration. Result: improved condition and better resistance to colds and other complaints.


A Hammam (or Turkish bath) can be compared to a sauna, only with a lower temperature (about 45 C) and higher humidity (because of the steam). Your thoughts drift, time stands still – pure enjoyment!
The beneficial effects of a Hammam are many: your skin is hydrated, your circulation is stimulated and waste substances are cleansed from your body.