Park7 is located in a beautiful and historical castle park and is surrounded by nature.

The park is conveniently located 14km from Brussels and Leuven. The garden can be experienced inside or outside and feels like a living painting. The horses, swans, herons, ducks and more live in this beautiful, serene, and romantic setting surrounding Park7.

The waterfall lays at the centre of this decor and energizes visitors through its emanation of negative ions. This waterfall is the century-old witness of the windmill which used to be located there in the middle of the grape region..

At Park7, wellness is experienced as a harmony between nature and humans, and the design has been centered upon the beauty of our surroundings. Brussels, Wavre, and Leuven suddenly seem so far away, despite their proximity.

Our park is the perfect location for you to relax, and return to your inner peace.