Dinner in a hut at Park7 : a unique experience

Dinner in a hut at Park7

Dinner in a hut at Park7 : a unique experience  :

“The 7 huts.”

Our seven huts have been built by ourselves, and there is one for each room. They are located about 50 meters from Park7 in our permaculture orchard.

The huts are heated by a wood-burning stove and are lit by candlelight. There is no electricity. You dine on wooden benches which have been covered with sheepskin. Each hut also has its own outside table which can be used in summertime.

A unique experience

Dining in the candlelight with a wood stove, without any electricity, creates a beautiful, intimate, and romantic atmosphere. This ‘rewilding’ or ‘back to the basics’ experience is also 100% corona proof. There is no staff present, as the main course (which has been ordered in advance) is heated up by yourself on the wooden stove. You also light the fire and the candles yourself. (Unless you have asked us in advance to do it for you, which we can do at a fee.

Our two formulas:

A The three course menu (minimum two people): €69 / person (without drinks). Available on Friday evening and Saturday evening. To be reserved 10 days in advance. Meals and drinks are brought and placed outside the hut. We also bring white wine and champagne in an iso-box. The red wine is already placed in the hut. In the Menu formula you can bring your own alcoholic beverages (corkage fee: 13€/pers.)

B Rental of a hut without the Menu formula: €55/hut (maximum 8 to 6 people per hut).We clean your hut, put wood into the stove, dress the table, and prepare all the differents candles of the hut.

This Formula is possible throughout the week. You may bring your own picnic and drinks. At your request we can provide you with drinks.

Preparation of the hut. In the two above formulas, we may at your request take care of lighting the fire and the candles for you at a fee of  30€.

Ask question Terms and conditions


  1. First book a room at least 10 days in advance, via our website www.park7.be (Our huts and dinners are a service reserved for customers who book directly on our site. Huts cannot be made available via Booking.com or any other site).
  2. In the comments section of your reservation, please indicate:
    a) Hut with or without dinner (without dinner: rent of hut= 55€)
    b) In case of choosing the dinner option: poultry or fish (one large meal is shared by 2 people). Dinner: 69€/pers
    c) preheating or not ( if yes:30€)
    d) In case of preheating: please indicate the exact time at which you wish to dine and be present in the hut (you may always modify the time on the same day, but please do call us at least one hour in advance).

We have 7 incredible, amazing private huts. They are heated with a small wooden stove, and everything is lit by candlelight. There is no electricity. You sit on wooden benches and sheepskins. Each hut has its own table and bench outside, allowing you in the summer to eat outside and to warm up the main course inside. There are no staff present. Ordered meals and water bottles are placed outside the hut on a table. It’s up to you to light the stove and the candles (unless you have opted for preheating (at an additional cost of €30). On the ground (outside) there is a cooler box with champagne and white wine. In the hut you will find the red wine on the table. You can heat up the main course yourself on the wood stove. We will be present upon your arrival to give you all the necessary explanations and you can always reach us by phone in the event of a problem. We live in the house next to Park7.

Sparkling and still water (1.5L) – €4/bottle

Red and white wine – 25€/bottle

Champagne – 55€/bottle

Bottles are available, you only pay for what you open. On the counter – in front of your hut – you will find sparkling water and still water. In the cooler box: champagne and white wine. The red wine is also placed in the cooler box in summer.

If you order a dinner, but prefer to bring your own drinks, this is possible, and we request a 13 € “corkage fee” per person.

The caterer asks us to order your menu 10 days before your arrival. We close meal orders for the next 8 days every Friday. There also is a prepayment fee, which is non-refundable if you cancel less than 10 days in advance.

Our caterar  designed a simpel but excellent 3-course menu for the Park7 huts, which includes: 3 cold appetizers in verrines, to share with biscuits in your hut. A main dish (consisting of either poultry for 2 people, or fish for 2 people) to be heated in a cast iron pan, on the small wood stove. Two cold desserts. The exact ingredients vary from week to week, depending on the market and the inspiration of the chef. We therefore can’t give you more details.

We sadly cannot cater for food allergies (gluten, sugar, lactose, etc.).

Bring a warm coat (for the walk outside and while waiting for the stove to heat up) and above all good solid walking shoes, because you are eating in an orchard and the ground can be muddy. You don’t have to wear fancy clothes, after all you are staying in the countryside and sitting on wooden benches with sheepskins during dinner. After dinner in the hut, please leave your shoes at the entrance inside Park7

The huts are waterproof.

The temperature can rise to 25-30° (about 1 hour after lighting the stove), so it takes an hour to heat the hut up, keep that in mind.

There is a fire extinguisher and a CO2 detector in each hut, the door is a simple curtain that lets air through. The huts are therefore perfectly ventilated. The table is disinfected daily with bleach. A hydroalcoholic gel is at your disposal.

In principle, you can do it yourself. It’s easy and we’ll explain it to you when you arrive, but for the first hour you must watch the stove ± every 10 minutes and reload it regularly. There is enough wood and coal in the hut, as well as matches and zips (which are in a Tupperware which must be closed after opening, because of the humidity).

At your request by email, we can preheat the hut and light the candles for you (for a fee of 30€)

In this case, please indicate at what time you would like to have dinner and will be present in the hut. This service is not available after 8 p.m. or 30 minutes after the scheduled arrival time.

If you want to bring your own plates, cutlery, and flower arrangements, you can!

Just let us know by email.

The huts are available from 6:30 p.m. From this time onwards, you arrive whenever you want. You may also stay in the huts as long as you like.

Our huts are waterproof.

Most huts are suitable for 4 people, some however can fit 6 people, and we have built one hut which can accommodate a group of 8 people.

You are obliged to book at least one room on the evening of your dinner and therefore to stay at B&B Park 7. You can invite (maximum 4) friends to your hut. To be with 8 people in a hut, you must book at least 2 rooms. 8 is the maximum number of people allowed in one hut.

Please let the candles and the wood stove go out naturally, there is no need to blow the candles out. A trash can has been put at your disposal. The pots, glasses, and cutlery can be put in the plastic bin on the floor.

Please leave your dirty shoes (after dinner) at the entrance of the house before going into your room.

Breakfast is served between 8.30 and 10.00 with a buffet in the kitchen.

Breakfast is not included in the price of the room.

We reserve the right to request advance payment for room and dinner. Dinner is non-refundable if canceled within 10 days of arrival.