Our story

Thanks to its location in a wide English countryside shaped Castle park, Park 7 is plunged in a stylish atmosphere.

However, it is the inhabitants of the Castle park, and especially Park 7’s hostess, who turn this B&B into a unique place. At the age of twenty, Katia della Faille, who holds a degree in journalism, was discovered by NY’s famous Ford Models Agency. It was the start of her international modelling career. During that same period Katia followed her husband, Count Thierry de Limburg Stirum, to Huldenberg. The Count’s family de Limburg Stirum are descendants of Europe’s oldest nobility. Thierry’s grandmother, who used to live in the castle, was a Princess de Croÿ and his mother is a French Princess.

As a real estate lawyer, Thierry had a busy job. He made a career switch a few years ago and became an organic farmer. He cultivates the land around the park. A so-called real gentleman farmer.

After moving to the Grape region, Katia was immediately overwhelmed by the beautiful surroundings and the village. She joined Huldenberg’s politics, became alderwoman and later on federal representative of the people. She has a seat in the municipal councel since more than 25 years! Her focus was (and is!!) on her love for the patrimony, respect for the natural and green habitat, a chance for everyone to do sports, health, healthy nutrition and a well-balanced way of life…

Katia has also had an education of mindfulness trainer .

As you will see, Park7 matches perfectly with Katia and Thierry’s philosophy of life.

Hospitality, the magnificent power of now, joy of life & joy of being are the be shared at Park7.